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Sonny’s Story

This is a tale of loneliness and friendship, happiness and sorrow, and most of all, love. This is the story of Sonny and his human, Emma, and how they saved each other.

When Emma first moved to The City after college, she was lonely and missed her family’s pets – she missed cuddling with them at night, taking them out for walks, and playing with them at the park. And so, she began her search.

Sonny was lonely too, and scared.  He had been abandoned by his owner because he could no longer be a show dog. He hurt from a wound on his head, and he was in a place that was foreign with lots of other dogs. He hoped someone would find him soon.

After looking at lots of pictures of dogs, Emma saw the one that needed her most. He looked sad, scruffy, and simply perfect for her.  She inquired about him, and upon their first meeting they both knew it would be forever.

Emma and Sonny did everything together; they went for walks, to work, and the movies. They were two peas in a pod. Sonny was fearlessly protective and loyal to Emma, and in kind, she was endlessly loving and patient with Sonny.

Now, life changes as we get older – sometimes for the best, and sometimes not. This was for the best. This is when Sonny got a brother, and Emma got a husband. They all met in the park one evening after work, and then they met on hikes, and then they became a family.  They all lived happily together for years, adding to Sonny’s pack.

One day Sonny didn’t feel well, and after a visit to the vet, he found out he had lots of bladder stones, and would have to be on a very strict diet for the rest of his life. This was certainly not tasty, nor any fun… but he did feel better afterwards.

Years later, Emma came to get Sonny for his walk and found him having seizure like symptoms. Scared out of her mind, they went right to the vet. The news was not good; her beloved Sonny had an inoperable tumor on his adrenal gland, and all they could do was make him comfortable for his final few days. Emma and Sonny were heartbroken.  Emma cried, she got angry, and she hugged Sonny a lot. Then, she did what she knew how to do best, cook.  She got Sonny the best steak she could and made him mashed potatoes – diet be darned, Sonny was going to have the best last meals of his life. Sonny was thrilled and ate like a king for the next few days. Then Emma had an idea… what if she could make Sonny his food, but healthier and better for his bladder and tumor? She took to the web, called her vet, and got help from a holistic pet food store.

After extensive research, Emma created the perfect recipe for her dog food, and started making it for all of her dogs. With a mix of making healthy meals, homeopathic remedies and western medicine, Sonny began to feel better and stop having seizures. Now, having a dog means having treats in your home, so Emma thought why not make something yummy and healthy for the pups? Emma took to more research and lots of taste tests. She took all her dogs’ favorite flavors, and created treats for each of them. She gave samples to her family and friends to do taste tests, asked which one the dog liked first, and took notes on everything. She modified the recipes, shapes, and added in ingredients that would help Sonny and keep her other dogs healthy.

Emma created the Peanut Butter & Banana cookies for Sonny because of the the cardiac and GI benefits. Her geriatric dog, Rasta, was made the Carob Chip balls, and the Sea Kelp Chicken Jerky to help with his arthritis and dry skin. And her little guy Conrad, was made the Pumpkin Rollers for his heart and a shiny coat.

All of Emma’s friends’ dogs had a great response to the treats, and wanted to know where they could buy more. It seemed like fate that Sonny would bring Emma to her new career, and combine both her love for dogs and her love of baking.

Now the story does not end there. I’m sure you want to know how Sonny made out. Well, the little guy lived beyond that vet’s expectations, and he was happily and healthily living with Emma for another two years. He passed away in his sleep with his two doggie brothers and his parents by his side. He is remembered by all who loved him and knew him.